Academic Systems � Examination System

There  will be two semester examinations, that is, in September and March. In it tests will also be regularly.
Formative Assessment four in a year. Both academic and non – academic performance will be considered for promotion in the next higher class.
For any valid reason if a student is absent from any examination. The application for the must be submitted to the Principal which must be sanctioned in advance.
Pupil absent for any examination will not bear – examined. The result of the examination is final and cannot be reconsidered.
Promotion will be based on the average performance in the two semesters and in the unit test.
A Student who repeats the same class twice will not be allowed in any case to continue for the third year.


a)    If a student indulges in unfair means at the time of unit test or terminal exam, it is treated as cancelled. The principal how ever has the power to take the exams if he thinks. 

b)    If a student is absent for Unit test or any examination he/she will not be tested for any circumstances. In case of genuine absence on the day of unit test, the school may at the end of the year give Make up unit test not exceeding two. However in terminal exam no such make up exam will be given & student will be marked as ABSENT.

Note: The evaluation rules/promotion criteria are subject to change in view of the guide lines received from concerned authorities.