Academic Systems �

1. The parents should check the diary regulary to look into home task given and for the teacher’s remark etc. They are requested to sign the monthly reports or terminal tests and teacher’s remark by any parents in the diary on the pages allotted. Relevant criticism, if any, may be addressed to the principal in a separate closed cover.

2. All fee must be paid in advance by the tenth of every month, failing which, a fine of 5rs. Per day will be charged till 20th after which this defaulter’s name will be struck off.

3. If a student absent himself on the plea of a holiday in the school, then will have to pay a special fine of Rs. 5 per day.

4. A month’s notice must be given by to parents before a child is withdrawn. Otherwise one month’s fee in lieu of such notice will be charged.

5. The Principal has the right to struck off the name of a student from school for irregularity in attendance, disrespect towards teacher or unsatisfactory conduct.

6. A Student who fails to receive promotion consecutively for two years in the same class will not be retained in the school.

7. Re-admission of a student, struck off from school roll for any reason whatsoever will be entirely at the decision of the Principal.

8. If student is fount to be suffering from any infestations disease, the principal will not allow him/her to sit in the class till complete recovery

9. All damages to school property will be made goods by the offender.

10. The school dose not take responsibility for articles.

11. Teacher may not be interviewed during school hours except by prior appointment through the principal.

12. Unless illness is supported by medical certificate, student will not be examined from P.T.

13. Student must not come to school before the servant arrives.

14. A student who has been selected for any activity or game etc. should not absent her self from class for its practice, rehearsal or performance.